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Starbuck Revelations

Welcome to a story about a girl, Starbucks, and me. Since my birthday is later this month I'm starting to get all the free stuff to all the places I frequent and even a few that I don't. Since it was a rainy, damp day yesterday and a few hours to kill I decided I'd use my free Starbucks coupon. So I'm sitting there when this woman walks in that I think is very attractive. Nothing new I know. She noticed me and kept on going. It was then I realized I had seen her the week before working on something with another woman. I had thought she was very attractive then and with no ring to boot. Anyway her friend showed up, who by the way has a nice butt, but (no pun intended) doesn't do anything else for me. So in my usual fashion of examining everything I looked at this pair and I was stuck by something very quickly. The woman I like looks very haggard while her friend is very put together. This quickly appears on my radar since it's been a very long time since I've been attracted to a fix up job. You know the type the one that you'll help, they'll love you for the rest of their life, yada yada yada. While I had no feeling of wanting to help her, the way she carries herself is different from any women I've been attracted to in a long time. Okay I admit I'm anal with this stuff. However I know how ingrained my bad habits were and I have a healthy fear that they will slip in the back door when I'm not watching.

On a positive note Inverse announced that she is now dating the guy who's been coming to the house a few times. So hopefully I'm off her radar, but I doubt it.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Sagittarius love !

Hey, when exactly is your bday ?

Glad Inverse has latched her fangs into someone else temporarily.


It's the 26th. Thanksgiving this year.

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