Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends


Well my first patient rescheduled so I went to the gym. On my way back into the office I noticed some wall anchors on the ground. It was then that I realized that my sign was gone, ripped right off the wall. I had saw on the main wall at the entrance to the parking lot that building 2 had lost their directory. I thought finally ours was left alone. Oh well I got hit personally this time. I'm going to need to order a new one later.

As you can see I'm bored so I changed my template around for the blog. It was about time since I hadn't changed it around for awhile.

My Meet & Greet is shrinking like a guy with (LDS) Limp Dick Syndrome. I understand the people from the peninsula cancelling since it's a trek. It's the one reason I try to avoid dating up there. However many people are giving me the reason they have to work late due to the storm. I guess they are making up work although most people I know are off today. All I know it will be nice to have some fun to make up for the last few days.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

oh.....hope you dont mind, I loved it so much I went and got one of my own....different from yours of course. NICE designs!

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