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Biting the 21st Century

As I've mentioned before I'm a fast mover. So when I hung up with Asp last night I was wondering if I was again moving very fast with communicating with her everyday after our 1 date. Normally I don't do that until a few dates have passed, but since Asp and I know each other for most of this year it just slid in to place nicely. I let my thoughts relax when she texted me today to see how I was doing. We caught up a little and joked especially about her biting. Personally I like an assertive woman in bed with a splash of aggression. It makes it exciting. I have a funny feeling that Asp will have me pushing some envelopes. On the non-sexual side it will be good to see her tonight.
I took another step into the 21st century today by ordering a Bluetooth for my Blackberry. My old ear piece doesn't fit and the one that came with is more for listening to music. It was funny cause my new daily reader I got for next year (yes I started early) reminded me of a year or so ago when I was watching my friend John use his Blackberry. It was something so beyond me. I don't mean technology, but worthiness to have. That realization really gave me a kick in the ass to get rid of this poverty mentality that I grew up with. Now all this stuff has become so much a part of my life and business I don't know how I could do with out.

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Woah... All my cardio this weekend made me miss something... I'm going to go back and read up on your weekend!

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