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Sane Friends

Mixed Blessings

Well I finally heard from my ex this morning. I was happy that she would take Eric to the airport. The limitations were that it had to be when the nurses aide was with her dad which limited flights. So I'll have Eric for 24 hours instead of 48 in 2 weeks. I'm not happy about the loss of day, but if she'll now take him I can set up visits during his week long vacations which will be awesome. So I'm very happy.

I've taken another step into the 21st century. I forget I have free unlimited Internet access with my cell phone. So I finally hooked up my email to my phone last night which was very sweet. I only had one bump in the road with it taking over one of my buttons. Now it's trying to get my Facebook mobile going.

As the usual goes here with our crazy weather. It was 40 during the night and it'll be in the 60's today. Tomorrow almost 70. So I'll head out with L today to hike on the beach and then Game night tonight.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Your ex gives me a strong desire to shake someone... Just saying...

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