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Since I got divorced money has been tight and I've gotten use to it. However this year some of my debt caught up with me and I had to pay it off. I was use to not having anything after I paid bills off, but now I'm just playing catch up and I'm hating it. It's become very tiresome. I'm going to need to ask the landlord for an extra day to pay the rent since 3 cash patients rescheduled to next week. I hate having to do it even though I know he'll say okay. If you haven't noticed I like things going smoothly. I'm happy that Geico requested my tax ID number which means they'll be paying me soon which will be some much needed funds to catch up on bills.

Speaking of bumps. I don't know if it's my struts in my car or what, but boy is my car creaking now with the start of the cold weather. Oh well something else to add on to the bill list.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Bummer! Hope things turn around for all of us.


Good luck ! I hope you get paid soon.

A couple of years ago my debt was so out there that sometimes I just had $40 to last me two weeks to buy gas and food.


Divorce is expensive! I dont like owing people either. Something to do with integrity?


Hope you can "catch up" soon. I feel like we're just treading water as well. Not fun.

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