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Last night's Meet & Greet got cancelled due to lack of power at the place. My intention is to reschedule for next month and make it a holiday event. So Savant, Asp, Saturn girl, and I got together to play games and eat Chinese food. As always we had a blast. However I was trying to gauge Asp with what I thought of her and I wasn't getting a big chemistry vibe. So I didn't have any high hopes for today's date.
The storm had closed the museum we were going to go to so I suggested the place where we first me many months ago. We went to play pool. On the drive there the first thing I realized was how relaxed I felt around her. We both stunk at pool so we had a fun time, but conversation was low. Afterwards I asked if she was hungry and we grabbed some dinner. It was there when the conversation really took off. While I've hung out with Asp numerous times, this was the first one on one time. I liked that she had worked to come out of her social shell and didn't want to go back. She was working on her business degree and has plans to open her own business. Asp has strong values that she fights for in the community which I was very impressed with. On the flip side I had a moment that I joked with myself that I was dating my ex. Just a few random facts came up together like her past panic attacks, astigmatism, and I can't for the life of me remember what the cherry on the cake was.

Anyway after dinner I excused myself to go to the bathroom. While using the facilities I thought about what I wanted to do. Usually I go with that strong flood of emotion with someone which wasn't here with Asp. However their was a good calm feeling that I liked and never experienced before. So I decided to go forward with this relationship.
While I knew Asp liked me it was hard reading her body language and cues. So while we were hanging out at her place talking I didn't know how she would react if I kissed her. I took it slow since I've gotten many different responses over the years. I shouldn't have bothered. Boy did she kiss me back. Then she found out that I was ticklish which prompted her to tickle me. In retaliation I just kissed her more. This quickly escalated to me trying to restrain and kiss her at the same time she was trying to tickle and bite me. Good thing I don't bruise easy. Now I know why we joked about the handcuffs.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

First off, I love your new blog format.

Second of all, your pictures always crack me up.

What is funny is that I have had panic attacks, and I have astigmatism.

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