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Dating 101

I'm trying to get this week jump started. Like when people work out. If you break the routine many are lost. So with the storm many of my patients had their schedule affected and I'm trying to get them back on track. It's always a hard time.

I got to talk to Asp last night on the phone as we progressed to talking instead of texting. She has a interesting habit that she quickly explained about her phone habits. Asp yawns a lot when she's on the phone for some reason. The rate changes. At one point it seemed to be every 10 seconds and at other's a few minutes would go by. It's pretty funny. I finally remembered what that last connection to my ex was. Elton John. When she gave me those tidbits of information in a tight ball. I laughed on the inside.

I tell you I might describe myself as spontaneous in a relationship, but it's how I just let my feelings drive me. Looking at it, its probably not the greatest way to go. I like making decisions instead of being unconscious monkey looking for his next food pill. It's probably why my relationships move fast since I'm wanting to do a lot of things together fast. The excitement is there, but the deep roots aren't. So I'm trying to learn my lessons this time around. As usual I get a lot from the women I date.

I'm slowly conquering my Blackberry. It's taking time, but I'm getting there. I wish I could personalize my calender a little more, but what I have now isn't bad. I can see why they call it crackberry. All the fun stuff is done very well. I just use more of the business stuff which is pretty bland.

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