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Sane Friends

Nap Time

Note to self: after eating a Mahi Mahi sandwich make sure to check your teeth for food. After my business lunch today which was delicious and made better since it was free. I ran back to the office to treat patients. When I got a break I went to the bathroom and while washing up looked in the mirror only to find food stuck in my teeth. Of course it wasn't anything small, but huge hunks of meat. Oh well.

I'm tired today. I decided to go to Asp's last night to nap with her. She napped much better than I did. Both her and her son like to fall asleep to the TV. What's been happening is after they're asleep I walk through the house and turn the TVs off so I can sleep. Last night I could only do Asp's since her son was staying up and would sleep during the drive. So I had a bunch of short naps which was good since I was intertwined with Asp.

About 1 Saturn girl arrived and I helped them pack the truck to get on the way. I went home to finish sleeping, but it took me a while to fall asleep. I'm feeling it this afternoon. However I'm happy they just arrived in Naples, Fl safe and sound.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I always get stuff stuck between my teeth


The Boy needs TV or a radio to sleep. It's weird.

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