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Somber Sunday

It was a somber morning here at the house. The landlord talked to Enigma, gave her the news, and her walking papers. During the whole thing the phone kept ringing. It's hard hearing him breakdown and cry. After 3-4 years I've never heard it and I know he tries to be that pillar of stoicism. The bizarre humor is him trying to convince people he's dying as he tries to take care of business. I told him it's such a reality break for people. We know him as a strong person and to have this happen so quickly is hard for most to take. His daughters I hear are still in denial. His ex will be here tomorrow to stay for a while to help with things. I've taken over the care taker position. I know it will not be forever, but will give me more time to get all my finances in order. I got rid of at least 4k this year and finished paying off everything that was small. Only the large stuff is still around and that will be just be time to pay it off. The other part is bringing in more money for the office to actually have a stable income. I was able to increase my patient population this year a very good amount. I at least want to do that much this coming year.

At the moment its hard for me emotionally with everything. The landlord and I have been together many years now so it will be a hard loss for me. The irony is that he'll be gone long before my Mom. Depending on how he's doing will now dictate if I bring Eric down during the holidays. So I'll see how that goes.

I was happy for Asp's call today. It made me smile and she had me laughing which was just what I needed. I will be staying by her place tonight and it will be great to see her. I'm packing a bag this time. I'm use to sleeping in the nude and sleeping with my clothes on is a big change. So I packed some PJ pants in case her son comes in.

I was planning on getting some work done on my car, but I think I may what this week to see what goes on. Things are changing so fast I want to be able to get my hands on money if I need it.

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