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Sane Friends


I see misery loves company today. Asp is sick down in Florida. I feel bad that she drove 15 hours to be sick. Hopefully the over the counter stuff works. I told her the vitamin C method to get rid of the cold and she said she would do it later, but we'll see.

Asp and Saturn girl asked if I could call Savant to see how he's doing. His mother threatened suicide this morning and is in the hospital now. She does have schizophrenia so there are a lot of underlying issues. I know he wanted to put her some place since it's gotten to hard for him to keep her at his house. Having dealt with suicide and my ex over 16 years I guess I have the experience.

OVDC was telling me that a mutual friend, the acupuncturist, lost his place in the storm last week. I'll talk to the landlord tonight to see if he's interested in renting at the moment. Since he's battling whatever is ailing him I'm not quite sure he wants to do it. Although the acupuncturist is a quiet guy and would be no problem. Actually I think we would be more of a problem, well namely the kids. He just likes quietness and he's pretty shy. Other than that he's a stand up guy and would be drama free.

I'm relaxing today with the last day of me being 42. I have a HUGE window open today in the appointment book. Early morning and evening only. I hate the holidays when it comes to work. So you know if you ever want to do anything medically this is the time of year to do it. Every one's thoughts turns to the holidays and shopping. Procedures and exams that normally need weeks of scheduling become next or same day service. This was my public service announcement.

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