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Sad, Very Sad

Eric called me today after to school to clarify his message last night. My ex is too sick and won't be able to take him to the airport. I was very upset as was Eric. I was also very angry that my ex didn't call and tell me instead of making our son do it. It's not his responsibility, but I know she wants to avoid me like the plague. The last time she pulled shit like this I let her have it with both barrels and she didn't talk to me for a year afterwards. During that time her father brought Eric to me. The only thing that changed that was that he got to sick to do it.

I'll cancel the tickets later tonight in hopes that my ex will see what this is doing to Eric and get him to the airport. I don't want to wait forever with them since I can get about 30% of the money back which I can use next time. I want to bring him down after Christmas, but as always is this shit going to happen again. Like I was telling Paul, this is why I have a hard time getting excited to see Eric. I never know if it's truly going to happen until he's standing in front of me.

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As a new reader Im not sure how old your son is.

That is not good news and even more pathetic is his mother making him tell you. There is always texting for those who aren't parent enough to put their feelings aside for the good of their children and communicate with the other parent. Rest assured not all women play these games. My son has been and always will mean far far more to me than any petty feelings that might arise in relation to his father.

I'm sure you will see him soon. Keep your cool as it will help no one if you get upset too.


Hi Mike,
This is ridiculous. Without knowing the situation, it sounds on the surface like a copout on your ex-wife's part. Too sick to take him to the airport?!? I can understand -- and sympathize -- with her illness, but one would think she wouldn't want to expose your son to it any more than she had to ... that the trip might be for the best. And whatever happened to taxis, friends or others who could simply drive him to the airport. I guess you probably don't want him to just cab it if he's not old enough to get through the check-in procedure on his own, but there must be someone who could step in. You've been very nice about it in your post but your ex sounds like a real piece of work. She should split any costs you incur for the unused ticket, too.


I'm sorry to hear this. I know you've been busting your ass to save up for those tickets and make arrangements.

What a bitch. Plain and simple.


Unreal! Too sick my ass!!! There is no such thing as too sick to do right by your child!!! What a selfish bitch!!! Honestly!?!?!? She didn't have a friend to help her out!? WTF!! I'm pissed for you!

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