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Well a first is happening in the household. The landlord is letting someone back in that owes him money. He admits its breasts and a little girl. Not on the same body. Inverse is moving back in with her daughter by the end of the month. The funny thing is that Inverse is an A cup, but I have to admit she does know how to package the goods. As previously stated Inverse goes through jobs like women go through toilet paper. It never seems to be her fault is always highly suspicious. Anyway like last time when she stated she wanted to turn over a new leaf, she is again stating that. The landlord is going for it. At the minimum it's a lot of blog worthy stuff. Also I'll try to nab a pic of her for you.

I did feel vindicated tonight after hearing the plumbers report. The major problem was women's hair blocking the pipes. I thing besides the Escort every woman has had long hair since I've been here.

Tonight was day 4 in the evening marathon week. The singles and I went to see 500 Days of Summer. It was a good film and worth the price of the $1 admission. It's not a mainstream movie, but worth seeing when you're single. Like the narrator said, "its a movie about a boy and a girl, but it's not a love story."

6 people had cathartic therapy:

A-cups can be yummy too, no?



What makes you think women go through more toilet paper than men? I mean aside from the shaking thing... But if you consider on a per use basis, we don't really use any more than men.


Your landlord is one stupid, stupid man unless he is getting laid on a regular basis.

I won't feel bad for him if she completely stiffs him on rent again. He almost deserves it.


My ex-husband still tells my girls to count the number of squares they use.

I mean, COME ON!!?? Can you spare a few extra cents to avoid shit on a finger????

We have reasons behind our madness you know... well, most of it.


Sweet - I love A cups.

TOM - You have to be a single guy to understand this. A roll will last a guy weeks not days.

Senorita - I know. He's asking for trouble. Although I know it will be good for the daughter school wise.

Susan - I don't mind how much you use unless it's clogging, but there is a difference with a single guy to women.


Yeah, yeah.... blame the clogged pipes on the women. lol

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