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Talking to Eric the other night I realized how separated I can become from him without the regular contact. As he moves deeper into the tween years it's a harder to converse. We mostly talk about video games after he answers the obligatory questions of how school and life are going. I know he's not big on answering those questions, but like I informed him. If I don't ask I don't know what's happening in your life. So I wonder how it is on his end?

I finally got my Medicare information. I almost promised the girl on the end dinner for helping me out since she was such a big help and her cute laugh didn't hurt. However I know she wasn't in my state so I didn't say anything.
I think I may have the molokio on me this week. I use our city library a lot for books, CDs, and DVDs. However this week has just been a problem. I'm dropping stuff off and they're saying they don't have it. My stuff on hold isn't there when I arrive. Did I cut someone off or something?

On the home front. Enigma gave the landlord a big list of food to get so she could cook while he was gone. The funny thing is that she's been getting take out every night. It doesn't bother me, but it's just weird.
Halloween has come to the office. Pumpkins, autumn leaves, etc now decorate the place. Since the holiday will be on a Saturday this year and a one of the ones I will be closed I won't be dressing up for work this year. However one of my friends is having a Halloween party so I'll dig out my wizard costume for that.

I'm very happy to see that the weather has cleared up since I could use my hike with L this week. It's been a rough week.

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Because this Halloween finally lands on a day I am not working I can dress up.

Don't judge a girl by her voice. She could really be a large heffer on the other line.


I have a nephew entering the tween years and he seems to communicate using a series of different grunts.
Good luck with that.


Kudos for you for doing your best to stay connected with your son, as he grows up. Bravo for not taking it personally.

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