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What Sunday Brings

Game night went very last night in our new location at Panera Bread. The usual problems arose. No one reads the event or the announcements to see that the place had changed. For some reason the address I got off the web was wrong so a few people couldn't find it. Although it was general consensus that if you called information you could have found the place since it was right across the street from our normal Starbucks.
Coffee girl never got back to me with a time so I'm officially on dating hiatus for now. I was good last night at Panera Bread. One of my friends came back to the table that all the girls upfront liked my laugh. They said it sounded like Santa Claus. There are no "ho's" in my laugh so I'm not quite sure what they meant, but that a group of girls wanted to know who I was, was a good thing. However I didn't go up and start any conversations. I'm going to try and not date for the rest of the month. We'll see what happens. Every time I do the women come out of the woodwork.
Since the weather was awesome today, 73 degrees and sunny, I did a impromptu miniature golf event. Only a few others made it, but we had a great time being outdoors. I tell you sitting in the sun afterwards and I was ready for a nap. Still am.
Navy girl wanted me to come play 9 holes with her, but I think I want to start just hitting a bucket of balls before I try playing a game to see if I even like what I'm doing. I felt bad when she got a sad face when I turned her down.
The funny thing was the Photographer was at the Funny Bone when Happy girl and I were there. She was sitting in the back and couldn't see that I was the Mike in question.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Game night sounds like fun. We do the same kind of thing in my neighborhood sometimes but something tells me it's less organized than your version. The woman in the foreground of the photo above where you refer to Navy Girl looks kind of bored ...


LOL Marty. We were just talking about that. It's because the guys were kicking the ladies butts at Battle of the Sexes.

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