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Sane Friends


As you probably can guess what's been on my mind the last few hours. Yes it's my Achilles heel: sex. I'm a high moral type of guy when it comes to life and standing my ground. The only area where it always turns to quicksand is sex. If I hadn't seen all the sexual stuff with Happy girl on stage I wouldn't had such a problem letting her go the next day.

So in dealing with Inverse and Senorita's excellent description of "SHE DEFINITELY WANTS TO BANG YOU". I remembered something Inverse said about the Landlord (who's almost 70) wanting to do her. The dirty old man thought came to my head. I know to sleep with her will just perpetuate the same dysfunctional cycle that she's in. Yes I know this is heady, but it's better to think with the bigger head than the smaller one. I will continue to be friendly to her and if I can help her in other ways like I would do anyone else I will.

My hope is that she will see that she can fill the void inside of her in other healthy ways than she is doing now. Cause now she is giving me descriptions of women she sees out there that are scantily dressed and using her body to show me what was covered and what wasn't. I guess she's declaring war.

My other hope is that she gets lucky tonight. She went out clubbing again last night and was unsuccessful in getting laid which I truly find hard to believe. Now she's out again in one more attempt to find a man. I just hope she stays safe.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

You need a friend with benefits!! LOL
Why not set some boundries and make Inverse "the one" hehehehe

Scratch it if it itches!


I'm glad you like my description :)

I can tell she's tempting you, and I can understand that it can be hard to resist a 25 y/o hottie even if she is a little dysfunctional.

Don't hold your breath in her seing that she can fill her void in other healthy ways. It's not gonna happen, at least not for another couple of years.

You're in a lose-lose situation. If you don't sleep with her, she will keep tempting you, and may come onto you strongly down the road. If you do sleep with her, it would be so awkward after, not to mention all the drama if you decided to date someone else after.

I feel for you. I never slept with my roommate, but he came on so strong that I had to leave.

Good luck. I think the solution would be to move out and then bang her after, lol.


You'll regret it.
Get your lovin' elsewhere and soon.


Do you think she went out TO get laid? And, if so, perhaps she was unsuccessful not b/c she oculdn't find a willing man, but b/c she puts some parameters on who she'll do.

Anyway, I do agree w/ the concept of NOT having sex with her, however tempting....... and seems I missed the post in regards to sexual stuff on stage for happy girl. Hmmm.

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