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What Does it All Say

Part of all this increased activity at work is keeping all my statistics on where things are coming from, leading indicators, etc. I like it in that I no longer have any mystery in my business of when things are going to go bad. However I have to admit I started with my business coach back in November which was my worse month in a very, very long time. By how this month is going so far I should have doubled my business by the end of the month which was my goal. It's been a lot of work, but worth it. It's nice to see my stats and see that with my increased activity last month that I have tripled my referrals from what received last month and it's only 2 weeks into this month.

What I really need to do is finished finalizing my systems so that I have less to think about as I get busier. I felt very out of control this week as every thing increased. I hate that feeling and don't want to experience it. Most likely next month I'll need to get a virtual assistant to help me with a few things around the office. Data entry can be done by anyone and my time is getting more precious to me.

It's nice to see and end to my struggles I've been having with business.

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