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Still waiting to hear from my Mom's place about my other payment plan option. It will still be rough, but more doable.

I'm still upset about the patient that took the insurance money and ran. Part of the problem is that I had the feeling it would happen. However I didn't listen to my gut and went with how good a patient she was, referred her family and others. I guess this is why I should stay to my systems. I did learn how to avoid this for next time so that's one good thing. I will be in talks today with a collector to get this money and the insurance money. I can't believe I'm paying money to get my money. Irony at it's best.

This week with everything going on it's easy not to think about dating. However I do have a lunch meeting with a model to talk business. It's funny I went to her website to see her business. I tell you I know all her measurements, but nothing else it's so weird.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Oh, I bet you'll know instantaneously how good her posture is, too ;)

Sorry to hear of the patient running off w/ your money. Desperate times, I suppose, for a good patient to then become so tempted, albeit you did rather suspect it, so something was off all along. You've learned to read clues, something I've tried to learn, too, except I'm still too trusting......

You have bought you and your mother a bit more time, however, for her; I hope you get some solace from that:)

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