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I avoided playing the game of looking at Happy girl's last text and wondering if it meant anything else. I cut through to the chase in that I wasn't being nurtured in the relationship and I knew it wasn't changing. It didn't matter what she was getting out of it like Tech girl. So after several hours I started to feel normal again.

I took care of all the calls I had forgot to do during the week and got back on the wagon of business focus. With that I tried to stay on the gratitude road with I had enough money to pay to get my computer fixed instead of complaining that bills now need to wait since the money was used for that.

I lucked out tonight at dinner. Inverse was preoccupied with not getting the tax refund she thought she was going to get to focus on me. Hey there is a god.

So what's it been about 10 hours since I goodbye to Happy girl. Well enter Coffee girl. We talked just before Happy girl and I went out last week. I didn't talk to her this week with me seeing how things were going with Happy girl. I hate juggling women. I like the assembly line dating process. You work on what's in front of you then when it's finished you move onto the next. Hey what can I say I like to focus. I like her because she's very jokey and the way she talks about her coffee addiction is a hoot. We're going out Sunday to where else? Starbucks.

Let this be a lesson to all my readers. You miss a day and you'll miss a woman.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Starbucks is awesome, especially with the new cupcakes that they have out.

I know you didn't solicit my opinion, but I really think you should take a break from dating for a little bit. To me it's never a good sign when you feel like you're juggling. That can get tiresome.

Anyway, that's just my opinion.


You're right, miss a day...miss a lot! I'm still trying to figure out who Inverse is and why you live with her...can you point me to the post that explains that. lol


I prefer to foucs too. There's nothing wrong with the assembly line approach.

Like Melissa, I'm confused about where Inverse came from.


Yeah, apparently so (I miss a day of your posts, and I miss not one, but two women, as happy girl's trollops and then coffee girl has entered, been dated, and gone, lol, or I think so). :)

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