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Damn You To Hell!!!

Yes my laptop caught a virus today. I was in Starbucks and went to check updates for my office software when it hit. I know I probably should have run my anti-virus scan right then and there, but I figured since it takes so long I would do it when I got home. Boy was I wrong. It just wouldn't start backup normal. So I ended taking it to the Geek Squad. The first time a round was quick and painless. I just needed to head back to my office to get the recovery disc. No big deal. Now the second time back was a different story. There was a line. When it was my turn the same guy took me even though he didn't really remember which was okay. He was nice gave me my paperwork to fill out and disappeared. Actually he didn't disappear he just kept hiding in the rest of the store. Every time he started to come back he would see the line and make a turn. Let me tell you 20 minutes later I was ready to tackle his ass. However someone else finally helped me and now I'm awaiting the call to come pick it up. The great thing is that I backuped everything yesterday so I just need to load it all back in. I'm hoping they finish tomorrow since it's going to take a while to load all the programs back into the system. Now with no computer and no appointments I'm thinking of taking off tomorrow although I have no idea what to do with myself.

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Have you calmed down? My friend also got herself a virus on her computer today. Her son was trying to fix it.
How are you?


Sorry about the Virus....
Geek Squad is sooooo expensive, but I am glad that you backed up everything.


Hi Mike,
The real silver lining here is that you had backed everything up yesterday ... that's really great. But as for that King Geek at the Geek Squad who kept doing a disappearing act ... how annoying. I don't think people should be allowed to get away with that kind of nonsense. I hope you tagged this entry "Geek Squad" so anyone doing a Google search on them will find this and can consider themselves warned.


My PC got a virus yesterday too and it crashed! Luckily it was an old laptop, so I'm getting rid of it. I also have a MAC which never gets viruses. No more PCs for me!


Oh, I know first hand how frustrating this is!!

I hope you can find a really good local computer guy/gal who might help you out, vs. a mega company.

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