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Sane Friends

Gotta Get Out of This Place

I'm tired today. I agreed to get up for 30 minutes at 2 am this morning so that Inverse's daughter could sleep through the night. It wasn't great, but I'll help out for a 5 year old. Landlord has been Inverse's driver until she gets a new car next week. So he needs to pick her up at 2 am when she gets off of work. The little girl has been wanting to get up to see her mom, but I think its dragging on her.

The bigger news is that said daughter will be gone all weekend and Inverse will be stuck in the house without a car when she's not working. Now all comments up to this time have been made with the daughter standing right there. I shudder to think how this weekend will be. Usually she goes out and tries to get laid at a club, but being home bound her prospects fall to the landlord and me.

I texted Happy girl this morning to see if she is free this weekend for a game of pool, but she is off to Carolina. She suggested next weekend, but I'll be in NY. So it'll have to be sometime in the future.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It'll be good when she gets a car, and yeah, stay there w/ the little girl, for her sake. It's a temporary fix, not a long-term solution. (Is the little girl in kindergarten yet, or that starts up this fall?) At least Inverse is working, eh.

So, seeing if happy girl can be just friends, hey, I hope so:)

And, gosh yes, get OUTTA there this weekend! Don't you have singles events planned or something? LOL.

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