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Sane Friends

Comfortably Numb

After six meeting today with a max of 30 minutes in between them, I'm beat. When I walked into the sixth hoping for a relaxed atmosphere and hopefully some of my friends there. Boy was I wrong. Everyone was standing networking and all the people I was expecting there were no where to be scene. I sat for a moment to catch my wits before grabbing a soda. After I swallow from my stiff drink I met a few people. I got a possible job lead for Inverse and appointment to network Monday and another person I would follow up with.

While it was a good use of my time today since I didn't have any patient appointments it was rough. I think what pushed it over the top was running over to see OVDC for treatment since she's no where near anything that I do. However I needed treatment and didn't want to wait till next week. So I entertained her with more of my dating stories. She wants new ones for next week since she doesn't think I can go the week without dating. We'll see.

I think the other thing that tired me out was doing so much work in the car while I was driving. I may make a phone call or 2, but I had so many calls to make and no time that I was just sitting any place to do it. I have so many phone calls to make tomorrow it's crazy.

The good news is that the contacts I'm meeting are getting better and are closing in on me getting more business. I have to admit my problems are that I was at a low volume already and that I have a lot of debt. In the pass 3 months my business has increased in this economy where most people have dropped. Because I still struggle it's hard for me to see all the progress I've made.

I always have to be thankful for some of the names I give women I meet. I was talking to the Destroyer today. I have to admit she is an attractive woman. Anyway in conversing with her dating does cross my mind until I think "destroyer". I really had to think for a moment about I did give her this nickname for a reason. So then I was able to see all the traits of why I never want to date her. I have a meeting with her in a couple of weeks which I know I'll have to remember this information again. Other than that it's day 3 of no dating.

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