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Sane Friends

Bouncing Around

Did I ever tell you how much I love the weather down here. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and Monday they're calling for snow. The weather is like a car ride here with it just quickly passing you by to be replaced by something totally new.

With the change in energy here new patients are calling wanting to come in instead of present patients calling to cancel/reschedule. I feel back in the swing of things and I need to get back to where I was a week and a half ago. It's funny, the job is pretty uncaring to what happens in your life.

On the home front, Inverse has pulled back a little on her conquest of me. She invited me to watch Max Paine the other night. I made about 30 minutes before I said I had seen enough. Honestly we haven't seen much of each other so it's a good thing.

I am hearing from some of the members that are talking to the people that never come. There seems to be this big disappointment that it's not a hook up group. What's funny is I tell everyone in the description that it's not, but people keep hoping I guess. No real problem to me since the people that support the group know that it's a social group and they like it that way.

Oh many people asked. The blond a few entries back wasn't the Model. That was a link to her portfolio.

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