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What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday it was 60 degrees and I was walking on the beach. Today it's in the 30's and sleeting. Got to love Virginia Beach. Really I have no complaints it's always just so interesting how fast and how much the weather changes around here.

Talked and texted with Happy girl yesterday. I'm starting to see some limitations to the conversation. She seems to have her sphere of talking and that's about it. I need to access if she'll go out of that or not cause if she won't this will die pretty damn fast. Today I'm waiting to hear from her when we'll be getting back together again.

Got my taxes back today and I knew I would owe money since I didn't pay anything last year. I was hoping I still had enough roll over from previous years, but it wasn't enough. So I'll be adding that to all the money I owe. Oye.

Still waiting to hear from the Geek Squad about my computer. I really need it back today since it's going to take me a while to load EVERYTHING back into it. Also I have to keep notes on everything I do until I get it back which sucks.

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