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Stop Thief!

It's funny how people try to sneak one pass you. Of course I'm talking about the Singles. Most are to lazy to change there picture once they've been kicked off and then try to rejoin which I instantly deny them. However every once in a while someone tries to pull a fast one and change their picture. That's what a woman did today. It was funny I thought her answers to her questions looked familiar so I looked at her history and yep she had one. So that tells me she was kicked off for non-payment.
What's even better is that all the people that complained last week about being terminated and said they were good for it still haven't rejoined. Too funny.
The weather here today is gorgeous. It's almost 60 after being in the 20's 2 days ago. Hey that's how we roll here. Anyway I was happy to bring my Mom outside to get her some sun and fresh air. She seemed to enjoy it. So we were able to relax and soak in the rays after I did her nails and she talked to my brother.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Can you really blame a girl for trying to get something for nothing??? hehehehehe

I agree w/you that you do get what you pay for!

So, Hows the visit w/ Mom going?


I'm glad you had some warm weather. (It dries the nails faster.) In Miami, it's in the 60s after it was in the 30s. I LOVE cold fronts!

I wonder if men are as sneaky as women when it comes to online dating.


I can't believe how stingy people can be with as little as $5.

I think that most of the people that were too cheap to pay and rejoin finally realized that if they don't want to pay a measly $5 to join a dating site, that they are probably too cheap to date anyway.

I think it's awesome you know how to do nails. Don't let Inverse know that you possess this talent.


Hi Mike,
Yikes ... how cheap! It's astonishing to think that people would play games like this when the fee is only $5.00!


Oh, well, kicked off for non-payment and then trying to get back on (and pay), that's one thing; being deceitful and/or trying to not pay, or having been kicked out for some other reason (like being a total jerk), well, yeah, let them stay out!

Laughing at the idea of letting Inverse know you can paint fingernails (and, presumably, toenails). lol

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