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Still have my head on straight. For me once I make a good decision and follow through with it my sense of self swells and it helps carry me through. I won't be moving out and if Inverse ups the ante to a incredible point I'll have to get in her face about it not happening. For now I'm getting something out of her wanting me. When it becomes more of a problem than its worth I'll take the bull by the horns and set her straight. The funny thing is that my wallet is probably as empty as hers is.
So what's this day 40 of not dating? Oh it's day 1? Boy it feels longer. I tell you it's a reworking of my thought process to not be in the dating mode. I think it's really going to be some work.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Day 1? So, happy girl is no longer in the dating picture? Or, maybe it's 40 days w/out, um, other dating aspects. LOL. Sorry, just had to say it ;)

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