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The turkey we had for dinner must have made Inverse very tired. She was doing a lot of stretching and back arching afterwards. Her shirt must of had some elastic qualities in it to not rip from being pulled tight so many times.
Tonight the question was what kind of voice do guys like? Don't be deeper than mine. I have no clue. I know I don't like little girl voices. It was an odd conversation topic.
I think I'm still trying to wrap my mind around having an attractive woman want to have sex with me and not be interested. It does go against the grain for a guy. However I know it's a connection thing. I would have sex with Saturn girl who I saw last night with friends. I think she would too, but for me there isn't enough for a relationship and I really like the friendship. However every time we hangout I think about trying a relationship with her. The thing that stops me is a conversation a few of the singles had last week which revealed many of them just don't know who they are. They've focused so much on their families and being a wife/husband that they no longer have a strong sense of self. I know that feeling since I was there too, but I don't want to be involved with a person still in that place. You really need to be single to learn that lesson.
The flake will be let go especially with everything happening with Mom. I don't have any connection to her and starting on this bad footing is no way to go.
Well pretty much everything is packed for the trip. I'm exhausted and hope I'll sleep better tonight. I'm going to bring my old laptop to try and keep up with everything.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

it sounds like you are having the sex vs. Make love debate.

Sex is a physical act, there is little emotion and no strings attached. Making love requires a connection.
Making love is a completely different way of connecting. You are into what they want even when you don't....

Then again, if I was dating the chick w/ those "twins" in the pic I would have a really hard time lookin' her in the eyes!

LOL "My eyes are up here" would be almost every other thng I said w/ those "guns"!!! LOL


I know plenty of men & women who are immediately interested in an attractive person who wants to have sex with them, but that doesn't mean they go for the sex, it just means they are flattered & a little flirty back. A lot of it is malformed reality.

I've dated some fairly good looking men, with money, attitude, & a certain amount of charm. Lots of women acted interested all the time, but the guys weren't screwing them all. I think the living arrangement makes you think about it more, but actually, it happens all the time. ~Mary


Hi Mike,
I'm willing to be that Inverse is interested in you specifically because you're not interested in her. The more you resist, the more she tries. I guess for every action, there's an inverse reaction ...!
Best regards,


I never know what sort of breasts I'll be seeing in the pictures you post. You keep it intersting!
They say, when you meet someone you have instant approval....good looking, not so much, average....but the minute you start talking to them, getting to know them, they will either get more attractive, or uglier by the minute. Perhaps thats what happened with Ms. Attractive>

Have a safe and good trip,

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