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Weekend Tidbits

It was good for Eric to see family bonding. He was not use to sitting as a family and eating dinner. It's one of the things I love about living with the landlord. The family meal is such an important part of bonding and studies have shown how it helps kids.

Eric did state that he wanted to stay with me and not go home to his mom. I didn't press it since I knew he wanted longer time with me. However the liberties he has with his mom don't go over very well with me. Like cleaning up after himself, chores, etc.

He enjoy the book I got him about sex. We read some of it and I answered whatever questions he had. I was surprised I learned a few things. Mostly the actual sizes of internal sexual organs. The Day my Butt Went Psycho went over very well also. I read that to him. He does regress when he's around me and we have quiet time. He just curls up in my lap and sucks his thumb something he never ever does. His need for that security that he has with me is duel edged. While I'm very touched I also worry that something will go wrong since he's missing something.

My ex was very genuine when she dropped off Eric. I gave her a hug since she looked so frazzled from being lost. She gave me one when I dropped Eric off. I take it as a gift and hope it lasts for a long time.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Gifts, short-lived or long, are still good gifts:) I'm glad you had this time w/ Eric, and the moments of positiveness w/ the ex.

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