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Sane Friends

Shocked and Stunned. Very Stunned

I was really surprised how much I felt battered after letting Happy girl go. For some reason I guess somewhere I had some expectations. Her being very attractive and sexual probably didn't hurt which is really weird. Since I'm a physical person and she wasn't physical with me.
Inverse will be home tonight with her daughter so it will be a full house for dinner. We've been running on different schedules so we haven't ran into each other. The interesting thing I found this morning was that she was talking to the Landlord in her robe this morning I guess after a shower. She didn't hang around to talk to me. I'm guessing she feels she needs to look a certain way when she's around me. The funny thing is that I would probably connect more with her if she just acted normal instead of trying to manipulate everything.
My computer is up and running normal now. I still need to enter all of January in my Quicken which is going to suck, but I have my bank statement. Every once in a while I find something that just didn't get saved which has no rhyme or reason.

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I love getting a man's perspective on relationships and breakups. Thanks for sharing this Mike.

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