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Sane Friends

My Needs ...

This was too funny not to share from Facebook.

This one is easy and fun! Got to Google and type in the search term "[your name] needs" then hit Search. List the first ten that come up:

Mike needs...
  • A date (lol I can't believe that was the first one)
  • A clue
  • Help
  • a kidney
  • reality enhancing drugs
  • A Wee video search
  • update his MySpace pics
  • to calm down
  • tender treatment
  • a heart
Jeez I'm falling apart.

Rough night of sleeping last night. When I'm working my mind is occupied, but during the night it's just a running with my Mom's stuff. Mostly I'm kicking myself in the ass since I knew I needed to call for a month now and I didn't. I shared with enough people about it, but I hate doing it. So now I'm paying the price and hopefully my Mom isn't. So hopefully I'll be in a better place by Monday when the meeting comes.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

OMG. That was hilarious.

Charmaine needs a home. (She is dog of the week at the Greater Huntsville Humane Society) (ahhhh)

Charmaine doesn't need to look this thin.

Charmaine needs to realize she's old and stop trying to get these rumors with guys who are so much younger then her. (ha)

Charmaine needs a ride. (Got that right and in more ways then one)

Charmaine needs to turn 5 or gain 108 more Slayer points. (uhh?)

Charmaine needs to appear on FOX. (hell ya)

Charmaine needs a place to hide out, round-the-clock

Charmaine needs our help raising funds. (how did they know?)

Borack Obama and Joe Biden: The change we need/Charmaine

That was so fun. Everyone should do it.

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