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You Know ...

You know I didn't realize how small my old laptop was. I mean I use it at home all the time, but I brought it to work today to try to get a few things done. Sitting on my desk it looks like a toy.

It's a beautiful day and I have nothing to do. I'm going to try and finish up anything I can think of in the office and then get the hell out of here. The problem, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. Maybe I'll go miniature golfing. I want to be outdoors since it's so beautiful.

Happy girl hurt her back after dancing Saturday night. So I offered to her to stop by and I'd help her out. She asked how much and I told her not to worry about it. I don't date patients. She may take me up on it and it'll be nice to see her. I'm still waiting to hear whether we'll get together on Tuesday or Thursday this week. Again it's a weird relationship since we talk so much, but we've only met once so I'm having a hard time gauging where we really are.

Inverse's daughter returns today so hopefully that will calm things down on the home front.

Their were two things I didn't backup. Music and pictures. The music kind of sucks, but the pictures are worse. I did lose some of my pictures with Eric and I lost all of the pictures I have for making presentations. The only good thing is that ACT will have been scrubbed from my system and my Outlook should work fine now.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I wondered how you were posting, yet said your computer was at the place to be fixed. Okay, you have TWO! Yeah.

Wonder if you could retrieve the photos (and any music) you've put on your blog. I think mine are retrievable, so that's perhaps one option.

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