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Almost There

I finally got my laptop back last night and spent many hours since then upload, re-installing, and updating everything. It's not going too bad except that I need to restart my computer pretty much after each item which is painful. The biggest problem was that my office program wasn't working. I thought they were going to charge me to fix it, but they showed what to do and it's all fine now.

So I'm recreating the last 4 days into my computer. I'm going to need to recreate the last few weeks for my Quicken file since I thought it had self backed up. Other than that it's working smoothly. I'm just making it stressful with trying to do all of it while I treat patients and do normal office work. My desk is starting not to look like a disaster area with papers and discs all over it.

What's adding to the problem is that I only had 4 hours of sleep. I had to work my business networking convention. 230 people showed up and I helped sign them in. My partner in crime with it dreamed up the scheme of getting 2 business cards from everyone. Since we were stuck there for most of the event it gave us a way to know who was there and contact them afterwards if we wanted to.

To most people's surprise I'm a shy guy. Most people know me as very social and outgoing, but it's not my norm. I work to get there. So I was pretty overwhelmed after four hours of having people in my face. While I was pretty wiped when I got home and feel asleep with no problem. I awoke at 3 am with my mind racing and couldn't fall back to sleep.

So I'm starting to wind down now. I do have a date with Happy girl tonight. I'm taking her to the Funny Bone. Her week has been crazy as her job swings into it's busy season. So we're both looking forward to seeing each other and relaxing. We've been texting and having short conversations with both are crazy schedules this week. It's been nice since we've both made the point of communicating with the other.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

It sounds like business is picking up for you and that sounds great. You may have to work harder in this economy, but I think you're doing great and are starting to get the returns that you deserve.

Glad to know things with you and Happy Girl are progressing.


I'd need some wind-down time after such an event, also, even if wow, so glad it went so well!

I hope you get in a nap today, and you both enjoy tonight.

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