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On the way into work this morning I was thinking of my dating life over the past month and a half. I don't know why I think cause I hear from so many people that they can't meet anyone and I've been going out with a woman a week for a while now. Not saying that's a good thing or bad, but never in a million years would I think that this would be my life. The funny thing is that I don't care if a woman turns me down which I guess is a positive because I know I feel it when I'm turned down in work.

My friend Paul apologized for telling me he laughs every time he thinks of my last few stories. Of Inverse who for many of you that asked is a 25 year old ex stripper (you can hit her tag at the bottom of this entry to find all about her) that lives in the same house as I do. Where I live my Landlord rents out rooms since it's a huge house. Anyway Inverse has set her sites on me and is trying to manipulate me to like her. However I'm very sensitive to that and it doesn't work. Now if she just was normal about it I probably would be dead. A 25 hottie ex stripper coming onto you would be too much for me. The other was Happy girl on all 4's shaking her ass on stage in front of a crowd at the Funny Bone. As well as the lesbian act with another women. At times my life is just way too funny.

I haven't started talking to anyone else this week so if Coffee girl doesn't work out I should be in the clear for a while dating wise. Yes Senorita I do agree that I could use a break, but I have no idea what I would entertain you all week with. OVDC loves my stories each week I see her.

Yes Ada I'm basically a shy guy. Close all your mouths please. While I'm a very open person starting conversations is rough. Over the last few years I know how to overcome it, but it's still a lot of work. That's why things like the convention the other night overwhelm me. For those of you that are shy I'll give you a secret. Host. Yes host stuff. It gives you the reason to talk to people and if you get stuck you can pawn the person on to someone else to go talk to someone else.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I do enjoy your entertaining dating stories :)


LOL @ are your stories only for us? Thought you were serious about finding someone you could date for longer than a week! OMG @ what was I thinking?!@#$%^&* ha ha Just kidding...
kidnapping you for a mini-escapade...

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