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Sane Friends

Tonight the Finger, Tomorrow the Fist

That was Happy girl's cry last night to the crowd at the Funny bone at what she was going to do my ass. She was hypnotized at the time. We went out last night. It was a fun time, but I realized that the chemistry between us is very low. Conversation is rough. Happy girl can tell a great story and I enjoy them, but there isn't anything to build on.

Anyway it was J. Medicine Hat last night. I've heard a lot about him, but have never gotten to see him. He's a comic hypnotist. If he ever comes to your area he's well worth seeing. Happy girl had been a volunteer before. She said she wasn't going to last night, but they were low on volunteers so she asked if I would mind. I said no and off she went. Starting with about 20 people he worked his way down to 4 people (3 women and 1 guy). Happy girl being one of them.

Now the comic can't get you to do anything you wouldn't do. He just puts you in a scenario and you react like you normally would. So I got to see how Happy girl would show off her ass and breasts for judges and I say she could give Inverse a run for her money. I also got to see how she would be with a vibrator and as a lesbian. Seeing this stuff does something to your mind.

Anyway the comic asked who she was with and I raised my hand. He asked if she was a wild woman which Happy girl is. So that's how the whole my ass being violated came up. It was suppose to happen after she bit and scratched me all up.

After the show I walked her to her truck and she drove me over to my car. We lightly kissed, but that was it. I knew that there wasn't enough chemistry for me to be happy on the one hand, but the sex thing was heavy in the other hand. However I know that with out the chemistry I never enjoy sex.

So I broke it off this morning. I told her that she would make a great friend and she agreed that she enjoyed my company. Happy girl told me to let her know if I ever wanted to hang out to let her know. So I'll keep her number for that. Whether she really means it or not I don't know. I think that she may have fallen under my nice guy spell. A lot of women I've dated will continue because of that even though there is no chemistry.

On a side note, Navy girl texted me last night to make sure I knew she hadn't forgotten about me and that as soon as it was warm we would golf.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I think you did the right thing with Happy Girl. I didn't get the feeling that you were really into her. She did more work in the beginning.

Sounds like a helluva performance you saw with the comic hypnotist.

If Happy Girl offered to hang out with you as friends, I think that is a good thing. One of my dates who I didn't have chemistry offered to be friends and he is a good guy. It can work.


So, she crawled on all fours wiggling her bum in the air, acted out using a vibrator, and a lesbian scenario, in public, voluntarily, plus announcing the finger and fist thing?

You do get some doozies there, Mike. My oh my.

I don't even care if she'd call me a prude, cuz there's no way in heck I'd be acting out all that stuff on stage yikes!

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