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Sane Friends

On a Roll

After finishing putting Happy girl on my dating chart I see that I'm on a roll. The last 3 women that I went out for more than 1 date I ended it. Before that I hadn't done so since my divorce. Not quite sure what that means, but at least I'm owning what I want in a relationship. I could write a book. I doubt if it would instructional except that one could say at least my dating life isn't that crazy. Maybe I should rename my blog "Going Sane in a Dating World"?

Someone in my business group mentioned I should back off in the group. She said she had the same problem when she stepped down from leadership. Letting go. I know I'm having that problem, plus I'm trained as an assistant director to spot the errors. So I will try and let go in the meeting, but I know I won't be able to take my hands fully off.

I'm pretty happy with myself in not asking anyone out today. Even with running into 2 attractive women today. Maybe I should get a rock and start carving slashes in the wall to mark how many days it's been.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm glad that person in your group felt okay telling you, and that you can recognize this. It sounds as if both of you have (and continue to) grow(n) a lot there.

oh, and don't re-name this -- well, you could -- but doesn't crazy world also encompass the dating world? Dating isn't your entire life:)

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