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Did your ex every do something that made you wonder if they were a pod person? This is bigger than lying to my employers. Stranger than stating that I carried around a box cutter and was a menace. More out there than telling child services that I molested our son. (yes these are all true accusations that I had to deal with).

My ex just offered to drive our son to my brother's house. WTF? I mean really WTF? This is the same woman last summer that said no when I asked her to do this when I broke down and couldn't make it to there house. Now she's offering? No complaints on my end since it makes it a lot easier for me. But my ex being nice to me just doesn't compute. This kind of stuff didn't happen when we were married. Wait, now I see the reason pigs are flying.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Surely she wants something, be wary...you are about to be asked for something big.


The most suprising thing my ex did was give me a couple hundred bucks spending money for a trip I was taking to see my family. This man wouldn't part with $5 most days.

He did ask for a favor too, which is what prompts my warning LOL.

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