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Dag Holiday

Without Eric around these type of holidays fly right below my radar. I was planning on taking care a bunch of my Mom's stuff today since I had a hole in my schedule. Then I was informed that it was a federal holiday and all that went out the window. Oh well.

My plans to see Eric this weekend have had a change of venue. Usually I stay with my friend Paul, but that's not working out this weekend. So I'm hoping I can stay with my brother and family. It'll be nice for everyone to see each other although I don't know anything about there area.
Belly dancing went well as always last night. Between the food and laughs it was all good. I also will use next month's show for my patients since it's a fund raiser for Diabetes. If you haven't seen Bolt the movie yet, please do. It was great and Disney scored another home run. I have to admit one of the greatest things about it was the pigeons and how the generated them. Think the seagulls in Nemo.

It's a good day in the office with a good mix of patients and meetings. Valentine's decorations came down and St. Patrick's went up. 365 days a year this place is decorated.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Believe it or not, I was wondering yesterday about your son...you hadn't mentioned him in a while and I was just curious when you'd be seeing him. How far apart do you live, distance wise?

Estela in South TX


I hope everything works out so you can stay with your brother and family!
I have to admit to loving Disney movies, I haven't seen Bolt yet but it's on my list LOL.

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