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Say What?

You know I really wish I could make this stuff up, but I can't believe this is my life. Anyway I'm just ironing my clothes for the week when Inverse came down. I asked her how she was doing and she told me she had a break down about her ex last night. She then went on to tell me her friend was trying to set a blind date up for her. We small talked that. Then she tells me what she really is looking for is a Friends With Benefits. I will forever be grateful for her daughter running around my feet to refocus my thinking and let the topic just die. Like how do you respond to that?

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I've been out of the singles ads too long...FWB?

Estela in South TX


Hi Mike,
Does this mean what I think it means ... that she's trying to say she'd like to be friends with you but also have some sexual fringe "benefits" with no strings attached? Or maybe she's just looking for friends with good Health Plans and 401Ks? The mind reels ...


Sounds like this was an invite...


She told you about her drama with her ex because she wanted you to care and "rescue" her. After all, that's what she's used to. You're older than her, and I bet that she's looking for a father figure.

She's told you outright that she wants a FWB (Friends with Benefits) situation because SHE DEFINITELY WANTS TO BANG YOU except that she wants you to come on to her and validate her.

It's not really about sex, but more about validating her self worth.

I have a feeling that if you don't come onto her down the road her advances on you will grow stronger.

Good luck with this head case. I feel for you. I've been in a similar situation and had to move out because of it while I lived abroad.


She wants more than FWB. Guaranteed. She wants ALL the benifits you could bring her. You are older, stable, nice and she's a hot mess.

She knows you are on to her so she's presenting the 'no strings' deal thinking that will get to you. If you fall for it, the hooks go deeper.

Good luck...

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