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Sane Friends


Well my brother was able to take care of the down payment for our Mom and I'll take care of the monthly payments. Something for which I'm extremely happy. With this going on all week it has consumed my focus and the business has been stalling. Now as soon as this problem became unblocked everything is flowing nicely. I had a great meeting with a home inspector. Great guy I think I can do great business with.

I felt really bad, but I was eating lunch and doing paperwork at my desk. No one was expected, but a new patient walked in. I felt like a bum with all my papers strewn around as I was talking care of business. Oh well.

I have to admit when I want to date again I should go back to the fireplace Starbucks. It's where I had my meeting today. There's a bevy of attractive women walking in and out of there.

So now with my business focus back I can get everything ready for next week.

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