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Sane Friends

The Meeting

Well the meeting went. At this point now I'm going to need to ask my brother to borrow some money to pay the amount that is missing. With that paid everything goes back to normal. I don't enjoy asking for the bailout and I'm angry that my money to pay this back is still being held by the insurance companies. My prayer is that he can help. So I'll call him tonight to talk about it.

One thing that I have realized through all of this is that I don't miss any of this chaos in my life. However I do realized why I can be drawn to it at times. It use to be my life from the time I was born. Instability was the norm and changes were always life altering. It's why I have that little voice in the back of my head that want to throw a monkey wrench into things for no other reason than to cause problems. It was interesting to talk to a friend years ago and find out he had the same voice.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Years back I used to think everyone like that was a drama queen or bipolar. After a time I realized for some it was ~the devil you know~. It was they had ever lived with, & it took them a long time & hard work to break the cycle. ~Mary


Hi Mike,
I know people with that same tendency ... everything will seem to be going along just fine and then they make a conscious effort to "shake things up." Sometimes it's great, sometimes it seems self-destructive.


Here's to being drama-free! It's amazing how much more time/energy you have when you erase drama from your life. I'm soaking it up.


Okay, so far, so good (for your mom's housing situation). Hopefully, the funding part will work out well:)

It's a different set of rules and expectations and interactions, in a functional relationship, vice a dysfunctional one. You've come a very long way, even if that will always be a portion of your past.

Good going:)

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