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Sane Friends

The Ups & Downs

I talked with my brother this morning about borrowing money. He was very nice about it, but doesn't have it at the moment. However I felt a lot of love that I never felt before which was great for me. We are working with my Mom's place on a different payment plan of less big lump and bigger monthly payments so that it will still be paid off in 8 months. I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

Another one of my patients took the money and ran. She got her accident settlement and left state. I do have her address there and I sent a remittance letter last week, but I got confirmation today that she already got the money. Now I'm just waiting to hear when she got it. Over 2k that I really need.

The good news is I spoke to a collection agent guy who was recommended to me. I liked him and will use him on this and another account which is over 3k. It was a good day sign wise since I was in my business meeting this morning and our insurance guy told us that USAA closed down there huge office here. That spells bad news since we have the largest Navy base in the world here. I say this because this is the insurance company I've been waiting a year for my money from. So for 30% of what he can get he'll get it for me. At this point something is better than nothing which is what it's looking like.

So the moral of the story is if everyone just paid like they were suppose to it would all work out.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
I'm starting to wonder if some of this financial "weirdness" -- from the strange reactions you get to the smallest amount, $5, for the singles group to the larger sums people owe you for business -- is based on fear. I wonder if what's happening in the economy is so scary that people are just trying to cling to every penny they have.

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