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Today in the World of Business

I just finished up with my business coach and it was nice to know that I'm ahead of everyone else in getting it. While others have made bigger leaps and bounds. I've got the routine down to get some stability. My weeks are becoming more predictable which is a good thing. Now I just need to keep doing the same thing for 90% of the work while the other 10% is trying to get better alliances with other health professionals. Most of my alliances now are outside that and a nice faucet of new business would be great if I could find it. I'm hoping to have a constant positive cash flow by the end of next month. Just need a few more visits per week to do it. At the moment I'm making better strategic alliances than I've done in the past which is helping, but I'm still low on the new patient side. Since I don't gouge my patients on visits I need that constant influx of new patients. Now if my larger insurance claims would get paid I would be very good in paying bills off.

Everything is pretty much done for tomorrow's trip. I changed my air filter and made sure my road side service plan was good. Picked up some food for Eric since he's so picky and my brother and family eat very healthy. He'll starve there. The good thing is that I have a car this time and can get us out for food. The funny thing is all my patients remember me breaking down last summer and are wishing me luck.

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