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I'm Back

A snafu with my old laptop stopped me from blogging over the weekend. The trip went very well with no real problems. On the way up it was towing the speed limit since cops were every where. On the way back I nearly stopped to spend the night someplace since I was that tired, but after a stop and a bite to eat I was good to go.

My ex got lost again bringing Eric over to my brother's house, but she seemed genuinely interested in helping so I was grateful for it. Hopefully this new turned leaf for her will continue.
The weekend was lots of fun. Eric's only complaint was that when we are at my friend Paul's place he has me all to himself and at my brother's he has to share me at times. So I felt for him. We had fun in and outdoors and I had to save him from falling into a lake on Saturday. While Eric didn't grow taller, he sure did mature.

For me it was a good vacation in that it reminded me I'm not alone in the world. As things get tough for me I can still drop back to that age old thought pattern of me against the world. It was nice to be around family this weekend and have that removed for a while.
Today I have the meeting with my Mom's caregivers to see if we can work everything out or do I have to move her to a new facility. I'm hoping she can stay since it's my mistakes that would cause her to move which I don't like. Wish me luck.

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He does look good, Mike:) And, really, while he is having to share you, you're also having to share him w/ your familiy. Family CAN be good, cousins, et al.

Speaking of which, um, yikes, I sure hope that your mother can stay where she is. Praying on that with you...... please update.


I'm glad you had a good visit~
I'm also wishing you the very best at fixing things with your Moms situation.


What a cute kid!!! But them, I am partial to little boys. They are just so much fun! Glad you had such a nice visit.

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