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Thank You Aunt Flo

Aunt Flo visited Inverse this weekend so she hasn't verbally in my face. However she's been in a robe for most of the time I've seen her. I take it she has panties on, but I know she's not wearing a bra. A while back Landlord had told me that she wanted a boob job. I was surprised since she fills out her shirts very well. He said it was a padded bra she was wearing. (She informed him). Anyway in her robe outfit I could see the difference. I think she must have a rolled up sock in each one then. She's still trying to catch me in that direct eye contact. When she does I just wiggle my eyebrows and continue on my way.

I never thought I would be doing it, but I increased my cell phone plan to the everything plan. With me making increased phone calls in the office to increase business I doubled my bill with all the extra minutes. I'll be able to surf the web, but no email. I don't need to know what's going on there. Although probably in 6 months I'll be doing that to.

Today I'm off to see Bolt at the bargain house. I wanted to see it since it came out and now I can finally do it. I made it a Singles event, but it looks like I'll be there by myself. Then tonight it's off to the belly dance show. It looks like I have a new crowd coming with me tonight.

Speaking of the singles, I'm seeing a pattern emerging. The ones that complain after I kick them off never rejoin. I don't even know if I'll keep responding to these ass hats or not. The people that rejoin just pay and some will throw in an apology.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Im actually looking into the "stop the flow" option. I can't stand how my body reacts every month...headaches, iron deficencies, lack of energy, *sigh*

Hopefully you had a great Valentines day!


Hi Mike,
Holy Moly ... you'll be the only person at your Singles Event? At least you know there won't be any deadbeats complaining about the $5.

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