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Sane Friends

Charming Isn't She

Oh I forgot to mention that Charming emailed me the other day. Yes she fell off the face of the earth again after coming to one event in November or December. I'm starting to think she's got this entitlement thing going on. Anyway she wanted to inform me of how busy she's been and that's why she can't make any events.

Actually I'm always surprised when people email me telling me why they can't make events, especially from the people I don't know. I generally don't give a crap why you can't. All I need you to do is RSVP yes or no. No long winded explanations. This isn't my job, nor do I get paid enough to listen to you ramble.

Anyway back to Charming. Her email was asking to have events over in her city so she try to attend. I gave her my standard answer to this kind of request. I don't live in your city and don't know much about it. If you know of something happening let me know and we'll see what can be done. I never hear from anyone after that. People seem to want things done for them instead of taking life by the horns. If this all sounds like I have a bad taste in my mouth, Charming does that to me.

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