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Sane Friends


I stopped by AC Moore today to pick up winter decorations for the office. You know something to last me a few weeks before I put up Valentines decorations. My color blindness must of kicked in since I went for the snow effect. While the giant snow flakes look cool hanging from the lights. The snow garland just blends in with the white trim around the doors. Oh well.

The turn out for pool was great. The usual no shows and a few surprises. We ran 4 tables with everyone trading in and out after each game. I was surprised that I did so well or that everyone else sucks so bad. We have one member that only has one arm and he was kicking some ass there. The funny thing was the outfits they had the waitresses wear. Can we say we work for tips. They were some interesting/revealing outfits.

Afterwards I suggested Starbucks since I had a bunch of card games in my car. The only thing we didn't prepare for was that the place was packed. I couldn't believe it. However I wasn't daunted. I swooped down on the first open table which was small, but we traded it to a single older gentleman that had a large table. So we were set.

Charming did show up. She had changed since I seen her last in that she had more of a confidence about her. She looked attractive. Throughout the day I paid her no extra attention than anyone else. I did catch her look at me when we were all talking about online dating and Match came up which was where we were communicating. The funny/ironic point was when we were playing Flux and I stole one of her cards -party. She said she was happy I didn't steal her love. I responded that I didn't want her love.

Anyway it was a great time with a lot of laughs especially at Starbucks. Charming gave my hand a little squeeze when I shook her hand goodnight. If she never blew me off I might ask her out. Now I have desire. She'll have to do something to light a fire under my ass.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Sounds like a great day and good approach with Charming.


Sounds like you had fun ! Glad to hear that.

Yeah, you did the right thing with Miss Charming. Keep blowing her off, she will want you more. Something tells me she does not like Mr. Nice Guy.

It's one thing if she never blew you off. But she did, and now she is getting a taste of her own medicine.


Sounds like a super cool day :)

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