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There is an analogy of 211 and 212 degree water. Not much difference to look at. Both will burn your hand. However 212 will produce steam which powers our civilization. While it takes the same amount of energy to raise water from 210 to 211 it takes a lot more energy to raise water from 211 to 212 because it changes state thus ends the physics lesson for today. This is where I find myself with my business at the 211 point. It never grows or if it does it's short lived. For the past few weeks I've been taking a business coaching course to help me.

So since the last class Wednesday I haven't been able to motivate myself and this week it's a real problem. We talked about this and on meditating on it I find myself fearing change. With success comes this feeling of being out of control something I don't enjoy. So that coupled with hating change is really being a thorn in my side from growing. To combat it I'm making my list of what benefits I'll have when I'm more successful.
  1. Enjoy more time off
  2. Able to see Eric more often
  3. Take a major vacation a year
  4. One weekend trip a month
  5. Not worry about my bills
  6. Have my own place again

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Six great benefits - hope the list made you feel/know that you are in control of all of that :)


??????? Who's place are you in?

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