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It's a Major Award

I do want to thank all you ladies for my award for email asking out the Tech girl. Hey I know it wasn't the best, but I always try to strike while the iron is hot. Also I have problems with instant gratification at times. Anyway you'll all be happy to know she emailed me her cell number to call her today. I wasn't quite sure it was going to happen, but I see she's read the book on dating schedules.

German girl is laughing her ass off that again I'm going through the tunnel for a woman. She's always wanted me to do so. Actually she's wanted me to come all the way up to Williamsburg which is a minimum of an hour depending where you are in the city. I don't think so. Besides the driving I have to admit I'm not moving. I've spent way too much blood, sweat, and tears in building my practice. Moving is never an option. You lose 25% of your patients with each move. I loss more when I moved the 2 blocks from my last place. The peninsula would be like starting over.

Today has been my usual relaxing Sunday. Sleeping in late and not getting much done. Well actually I rummaged through my storage unit. I found a bunch of books that I'll drop off at the thrift store. Threw out a bunch of broken dishes and the last of my ex pictures that were in a box. I found some of my books on talking to your kids about sex. I read them when Eric was young so I figured I could brush up on everything. It really did help paving the ground work when he was young. Every time I interact with him I can always tell he's my son. We're just the same in how we express our love, communicate, etc.

I think I'll give Tech girl an option. She's coming down Wednesday for our museum event, but that will be done by 8. I know she's coming straight from work so we could grab something to eat then. Or just have our own night some other time.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

LOL @ thanx for the visual!! How dare you be colorblind!!!!! grrr... Should seeing color be on my list of "date worthy"?????????? LOL... My dream man does everything by Braille. ha ha ha ha


If you need money, don't take your books to the Thrift Store. Sell them on Amazon dot com. Text books could make you a nice penny or two.

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