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Sane Friends

Today is Sunday

I got the Hardest Worker Thumbs up from my manager last night at pizza and I'm a wild man comment for doing 25 runs last night. I was pretty happy with it. Other than that it was a pretty normal night. Rich people giving crap tips, assholes stiffing, but hey everyone was clothed.

Wow it's back to August here. It's hot and humid. The kind of weather you step outside and you instantly begin sweating. I was thinking of going to the park to enjoy some sunshine and relax, but the thought of sitting and sweating kind of spoiled the mood. So I've made my way back home and will relax on the bed in the AC.

It is weird and my mind still hasn't caught up with me. For most of my life I have lived in some kind of chaos. Talking on the phone with friends daily has been a testament to that as I talked out the problems. So it is weird to just be giving a few tidbits of information to my friends instead of War & Peace length conversations. My usual negative spin is that I want something to talk more about then I realize that usually involves a lot of problems. I'll just enjoy the easier times. Hopefully insurance checks will come in this week, the office will be busier, and people will send the money they owe me. Once I get out of this little financial depression I'll be happier.

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