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Sane Friends

Sometimes I Hate Being a Doctor

Today was one of those days. Another of the attendees of the health fair stopped by today for a consult. I knew what she had been diagnosed with, but the chances of a human adult having it were so slim lottery odds were better. So I told her to stop in for a free consult. She was the one with the low cut top I mentioned earlier. Anyway today's outfit was the opposite. Actually it went very low in the middle, but way out to the sides. Thank you for the free show. It was a true workout to stay focused on her eyes. I couldn't help her. She was in fact diagnosed correctly. We had a nice little talk. Sucky thing is that she would be a person I would ask out. Although my red flag is that she has a problem that she is still dealing with and that always sparks a higher interest level for me. That old I can help save you crap. Anyway she came to me in a professional capacity so I let her drive out of my life without a word said.

The Geisha's return email was almost at odds with the first, even confusing my crack team of female professionals. How the dating volume got turned up so high in a few days is anyones guess. Now I know why some people say they stay out of the game. However for me it's like lotto. You have to be in it to win it.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

You give free consults to chicks in low cut tops? lol, good one.

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