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Sane Friends

The Sign Up Ahead Reads .....

All I needed was some Twilight music playing tonight. I got out of pizza a little early so I was able to go over to meet the Geisha with time to spare. I walked in an knew the girl behind that desk wasn't here. Then I noticed her standing off to the side. We shook hands and said hello. She introduced me to everyone around while pointing out all the different nationalities then she asked if I wanted to sit at the bar with them while they worked. I was good with that. I ordered a drink and the Geisha brought me over a menu if I wanted anything. I got some sushi since I hadn't had any in a while and it was a while before the place closed. Now it's her call since she set this shindig up. Every once in a while she'd come over and tell me information. About the place, the people, not much about her. I talked to many people and even got some business for a friend. However two things started to occur to me as the time ticked away. 1) The Geisha was an attractive woman and 2) that this wasn't a date. As I had been marketing at the health fair she had marketed me for the restaurant. So my assumption was confirmed when she was like you can stay but I'm finished work and going home now. I had already finished eating so I told her I would be going. She told me to stop by again, bring friends, and that I knew people there now. I walked out feeling like I got my ass handed to me without a fight. The people and the food were good, but it was a weird experience.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I wish I had commented on the post before this. I was going to say on that post:

Give her some BS reason why you have to meet a little later, after she is done work, and arrange to meet somewhere away from her work.


Fuck! So she WASN'T hitting on you before when she told you exactly where she'd be? Then I guess I have to hand it to her for being a good saleswoman.


Weird indeed... is this some sort of Asian PR/Marketing skill prank I wasn't aware of?

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